The Farm Ugolini is born from the passion and the devotion to agricolture of Dr. Paolo Ugolini and his wife Dr Maria Stella Calandro. He is a his dental surgeon and she is a pharmacist.
Mrs and Mr Ugolini have dedicated most of their time to their passions for wine and oil.
Paolo, who is a sommelier since the Year 2000, is a connoisseur of wines of the highest quality; he takes care of the vineyeards with love and enthusiasm, Maria Stella is interested in the olive oil production, an important carachteristic of the traditional tuscan cousine.
The estate is therefore supported by a solid structure which is in effect daily love for the land in relation to genuine products. Paolo decided to buy the farm in the Years 1990 when he and his father Ugo, both in love with the fresh smell of the plowed land, resolved to build together their common dream,

“producing a wine which must discover
the genuine tastes of the past”.

Certainly they had the appropriate knowledge since Ugo knew the agriculture having worked for forty years as a factor in one of the biggest farm in the area of Chianti. With these assumptions, the project to realize, though difficult and complicated, began to be a pleasure to discover day after day.

Today, in fact, the dream of Ugo and Paolo is a reality.

A solid reality always in progress, which is able to enjoy the flavors and colors of Tuscany in a great part of the world.